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Our Commitment to Women

Whether you are starting a new business or looking to advance your career, the American Business Women’s Association is the place to be for working women and women business owners who want to connect, learn and grow personally and professionally.

     Lifelong Learning

ABWA is committed to creating accessible, affordable and innovative learning opportunities that will prepare you to respond to the challenges or opportunities you experience at any given moment in your career.  As a National member, you can choose from a diverse collection of online courses in ABWA’s Apex Campus available 24/7.   We welcome learners of all ages, educational backgrounds and career paths who are motivated to chart their learning journey.

Become a Member in the American Business Women’s Association

And receive a value 20 x your annual investment with these exclusive benefits and savings:

  • Join a local ABWA community.  Thousands of business and networking meetings are hosted each year.

  • Access to ABWA’s members-only Facebook and Linked-In Groups where you can promote your products, services and celebrations!

  • Free and heavily discounted courses in ABWA’s, Apex Campus, a savings of thousands of dollars.

  • Discounted conference registrations are hosted by ABWA National in the spring and fall each year.

  • Complimentary subscription to the Achieve Newsletter published six times a year.

  • Complimentary Subscription to Women in Business Magazine® published three times a year.

  • Discount on the Business Source subscription, a monthly summary on business books

  • Free $1,500 in Accidental Death insurance!

Membership starts with joining National first: $115 for the year.


Membership with the Eight Flags Charter Chapter is: $45 per year.  

Benefits:  You are associated with a national network of women and job opportunities.

Your Local Chapter Membership is $45 per year.  You may not join the chapter until you join the National ABWA First. 

Benefits of joining a local chapter:

  • Networking with other local businesswomen;

  • Programs designed for you, with speakers on the topics you need to enhance your career; 

  • The opportunity to be mentored or be an mentor for other  members; 

  • Volunteer in your community.