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Member Benefits

After joining ABWA, members are eligible to join a local league to capitalize on the benefits of membership through networking and leadership opportunities, including holding local and national positions. Local opportunities include skills you can use, such as.

•   Developing professionally through inspiring, professional development programs at monthly meetings

•   Participating in  the league’s  Mentorship Program to help further your career and/or help grow your business

•  Gaining leadership skills while working on, or leading committees, managing projects, and speaking at league functions

•   Running for a leadership position within a local league and/or the National Association

•   Increasing your community visibility through networking opportunities presented at monthly meetings of the local league

•  Networking with local professionals, expanding both your personal and professional networks

•   Becoming part of an inspiring community focused on education, experience, and enthusiasm!

Monthly Meetings

Dynamic speakers to help grow your business.

Professional Development

Each month the Professional Development Committee delivers a business and market-relevant program.  


Every month chapter meetings and other events offer opportunities to grow your network and your contacts.


We have a vibrant mentoring programming, teaming like minded businesswomen to assist in business start ups and career advancement.

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