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2021 Woman of the Year

The ABWA Eight Flags Charter Chapter

2021 Woman of the Year

A long-standing tradition in ABWA is to recognize a member that has made a notable contribution to the success of their Chapter in the current Award Year. Raffaela Marie Rizzo Fenn certainly meets these criteria and much more. 


Raffaela "Marie" Rizzo Fenn

     A retired, award-winning business executive, Marie Rizzo Fenn launched her life after the corporate world as an author and business founder and  President of Giro di Mondo Publishing.

       Marie Fenn has been a tireless contributor to our chapter and the enrichment of its members.

As chair of the Professional Development Committee, she engaged a series of inspirational speakers that improved program quality and value to members. She also developed and led the implementation of the Mentoring program, which served several members who sought to improve their business skills. Marie served as co-chair of several service projects--was a member of several ad hoc committees, including Woman of the Year, committee,  the Nominations team, and Audit Committee—which she chaired. 

     Marie brought numerous guests to meetings; sponsored a new member, and even hosted a meeting in her home. She also led the April program designed to acclimate new members to the chapter and facilitate committee participation. She contributed to chapter fundraising as a table sponsor and newsletter advertiser.

     Through preparing media releases and writing articles for the newspaper, Marie informed the community of the chapter’s great program content and member initiatives, not only providing a positive impression but also attracting guests to our events. 

   Marie’s involvement and leadership exemplify qualities that ABWA seeks to foster in its members.


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