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Business & Career Mentorship Initiative 

Members of the Eight Flags Charter Chapter Mentoring Committee 

(l to r) Lillie Marie Rogers (President), Dottie Fortwengler, Marie Fenn, Jenny Higginbotham Barrett, and Shelley Hirsch (former President). 


Mentors (002).jpg


Following our planning session for the 2020-2021 chapter year, Raffaela Marie Fenn, along with  Dottie Fortwengler, Jenny Higginbotham Barrett, and Lillie Marie Rogers crafted a proposal for a Mentorship Initiative. Then, President, Shelley Hirsch, wholeheartedly supported this effort. 

      This strategic initiative provided the Eight Flags Charter Chapter members with a valuable benefit that no other local organization provided. It was believed that this benefit would serve as a strong incentive to increase membership. The team's plan was to start slowly and build on the experience over time.

     One of the goals was to create a measurable, two-track, high-impact mentoring Program for members that provided targeted education and resources to women who are currently trying to grow their careers  

in business or preparing to start/build a business. 

      For the  2021-2022 award year,  the Mentorship has become a standing Committee.

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